Portal 0001
Portal 0001

Portal 0001

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Portal 0001 will provide you with a preliminary glance of the story of spirulina as well as begin the conversation around our ancestral ties to spirulina.

The purpose of introducing spirulina and micro-ally technology to you and your community through this series of portals is to empower and create bridges to beauty, health, and wealth.

This global algae family would like to extend personal invitations to refugee victims, orphans, and disenfranchised persons to become spirulina allies under complete academic sponsorship on behalf of every patron of the Spirulina SystemsTM Academy and private donations.

Enjoy and thank you!

1.1 The Story of Spirulina
1.2 Vocabulary

1.3 Quick Start Guide
1.4 Nutrient Recipe
1.5 Culture Suppliers

1.6 Commendation
1.7 Acknowledgements